Lear Jet 24F

Lear Jet 24F

The Lear 24 is a light jet with the capacity for 5 passengers. This aircraft is ideal for high-performance, yet cost effective flights. It is the ideal option for a weekend get-a-way or a quick day trip.

Passenger Capacity: 5 Passengers
Cargo Capacity: 40 cubic feet
Cabin Length: 9 feet
Cabin Width: 5 feet
Cabin Height: 4.4 feet
Max Range: 1000 nm
Max Cruising Speed: 505 mph

This Learjet boasts a brand new bright, contemporary interior and a clean sleek exterior.

  • Newly refurbished modern interior
  • Brand new exterior
  • Onboard Lavatory
  • Seats 5 passengers
  • Inflight beverage bar
  • Comfortable leather club seating

Click here to download the Learjet 24F Specification Sheet: LR-24 Spec Sheet.

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