Gulfstreams 400

Gulfstream 400

The Gulfstream 400 is a large cabin aircraft with capacity for 14 passengers. Ours offers unique individual captain seats. It is one of the most popular private aircraft on the market, offering long-range international capability, and maximum comfort & efficiency. It comes from the family of the GIV-series aircraft, which has long been a reliable and premier aircraft in its class.

Passenger Capacity: 14 Passengers
Cargo Capacity: 169 cubic feet
Cabin Length: 45.1 feet
Cabin Width: 7.2 feet
Cabin Height: 6.1 feet
Max Range: 4000 nm
Max Cruising Speed: 540 mph

The G-400 offers modern conveniences for maximum business efficiency or luxurious personal travel.

  • Full-service galley
  • Newly appointed leather interior
  • Seats 14 passenger, sleeps 6 passengers
  • WiFi/Scanner/Fax/ Copier
  • Enclosed Lavatory
  • Flightphone and Airshow
  • Blu-Ray/DVD Entertainment System

Click here to download the Gulfstream 400 Specification Sheet: G-400 Spec Sheet.

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