gulfstream G550

The large cabin GULFSTREAM G550 is an exceptional aircraft with a capacity for 16 passengers. It is one of the most popular private aircraft on the market, offering long-range international capability, and maximum comfort & efficiency. It comes from the family of the GIV-series aircraft, which has long been a reliable and premier aircraft in its class.

Passenger Capacity: 16 Passengers

The Gulfstream G450 offers modern conveniences for maximum business efficiency or luxurous personal travel.

  • High Speed Wireless Internet (ATG-4000 GoGo Highspeed Internet)
  • Forward and Aft 21.3" LCD Monitors
  • Single 24" Monitor in Fwd Bulkhead Single 19" Monitor (Above Credenza) Dual 9" Passenger Monitors
  • Single 8.4" Touchscreen Monitor Credenza w/XP-610 Printer
  • Beautiful Aft Lavatory as well as a Forward Crew Lavatory
  • Fully Equipped Galley
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