Cannes Film Festival, Cannes

The 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival is an extremely busy time for the Mediterranean region. If you are planning a private flight to the south of France between May 11th and May 22nd, you may want to consider locking down your plans early, since parking at the most popular airports will be limited, at best.

Cannes is a resort town located in the French Riviera, perhaps best known for its film festival.


"The Festival de Cannes is a celebration of cinematographic art. We exist to showcase the new writing, new genres and new visual innovations of our time. Every year in May, Cannes gives a sort of snapshot - both ephemeral and lasting, when one adds up the years - of what constitutes the art of cinema." Thierry Frémaux, General Delegate, Festival de Cannes.

The Festival is very keen to discover new talent and act as a springboard for creation. For 69 years, it has preserved its core values: a passion for cinema, the discovery of new talent, and the bringing together of professionals and journalists from around the world with the aim of contributing to the creation and distribution of films. Today, boasting in excess of 11,000 participants and 1,500 screenings, it is the world’s leading market, serving to add dynamism to the global film industry.


However, Cannes has so much more to offer, whether you are traveling on business or simply for pleasure.  One of the most famous beaches of the French Riviera is found in Cannes.   It is located along the Boulevard de la Croisette in the city center and is known world-wide.   It does tend to get crowded so if you are looking for some peace and quiet, you may want to consider visiting Theoule-sur-Mer which is just west across the Bay from Cannes.

There are several airport options available for a flight into Cannes.   The first one you may


want to consider is Cannes Mandelieu, the closest airport, but it does have restrictions (operating hours are 8am to sunset).   The second, and most popular alternative would be Nice, which operates 24 hours and has a super-long runway. Northeastern’s experienced charter coordinators can help you plan which of lthe airports in and around the City will best suit your needs.

When your business activities have completed during the day, Cannes also boasts three casinos for relaxation – the Croisette, the Palm Beach and Les Princes. You will need your passport to enter the Casino proper and all visitors are expected to dress appropriately (this is France, after all!!).   T-shirts beachwear and shorts are not welcome. Of course, the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco is only 34 miles from Cannes so that is also an excellent option.

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