Challenger 604

challenger 604

The Challenger 604 is a large cabin aircraft with capacity for 10 passengers. This wide-body aircraft has similar range to a Gulfstream, yet is more affordable for well-traveled large cabin clientele.

Passenger Capacity: 10 Passengers
Cargo Capacity: 115 cubic feet
Cabin Length: 28.3 feet
Cabin Width: 8.2 feet
Cabin Height: 6.1 feet
Max Range: 3800 nm
Max Cruising Speed: 468 mph

The CL-604 offers modern conveniences for maximum business efficiency or luxurious personaltravel.

  • Full-service galley
  • Seats 10 passenger, sleeps 4 passengers
  • WiFi/Printer capability
  • Enclosed Lavatory
  • Spacious Club Seating
  • Airshow and Entertainment System

Click here to download the Challenger 604 Specification Sheet: CL-604 Spec Sheet.

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